Get out of debt much faster than the average credit user.

What is the Debt Review repayment time in SA? Most people who make use of credit actually don’t realise that they are never paying off their debt. They feel like they are since they repay their smaller loans and vehicle finance but many remain locked into bonds for 30 years and roll over credit card debt for the rest of their lives. This means they simply never actually pay off their debt.

For those who enter debt review in South Africa this is very different. These consumers immediately stop using credit and begin to pay off their existing credit. Many Debt Counsellors will strive to make a plan over 60 months or 5 years to settle the debt. Credit providers, in general, are happy to accept repayment proposals over 60 months (or more for cars and houses). This means these consumers are set to get out of debt much faster than the average credit user.

Request a callback from us now. SA Debt Review is an NCR Registered Debt Counselling Provider, registration number NCRDC773. Above all, we offer a more affordable way to restructure your debt into one lower instalment. We will also stop Legal Actions & Repossessions against your name.

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